PrincessBabyTay / FetLife Enhancer


Version: 1.6.0+9b536fe updated

Summary: Add new features to enhance your FetLife experience! It's like viagra for FetLife!

Copyright: PrincessBabyTay (

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

This userscript is a port of my FetLife enhancer extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera Safari and IE.

I am still working on the Userscript and as such the version number does not match that of the extension. In the future I will make sure they match.

To Enable/Disable the settings I have created a new link in the side bar labeled "FLE Settings". Just click that link and Settings will appear! Every checkbox click automatically saves. So just refresh the page once you've chosen your preferred features and that feature should be working!

In this current version, this script contains these Features:

  • Mass Message* the people in your event whom are RSVP/Maybes.
  • Search your Friends!
  • Add event to Google Calendar
  • Upload Multiple Pictures with ease!
  • Bulk Delete Photos
  • Ability to save your own pictures!
  • Add a "Friends" link to the navigation bar
  • Search Friends!
  • Pretty Textareas
  • Change all @Username mentions to clickable links
  • Quick edit the "About Me" section of your profile!
  • Mass Archive/Delete Messages!
  • Add Format Buttons to textareas around fetlife! (Bold, italics, underline, ect)
  • Mass Message your friends!
  • Create quick reply messages!
  • Create Guest List of your EVent!
  • Facebook Style notification box for friend requests!



  • Added Facebook Style Friend Requests.
  • Added ability to create a Guest List for your event.
  • Added helpful links in the settings:
    • Paypal for Donations
    • Link to the FetLife Enhancer Group for questions and support.


  • Added Quick Replies!
  • Added Search Friends!
  • Heavily updated code to match more of the extension.
    • Unfortunately due to this you will need to turn back on all the features you wanted on.
    • High recommended to use the "Reset All!" button located at the bottom of the settings page to start from scratch.


  • Fixed a bug with "Bulk Delete Photos" that caused it to delete all of the users photos.


  • Removed Bulk Delete Photos due to a major bug that deleted all a users photos.


  • Added Mass Message Friends


  • Added almost all the settings from the Firefox/Chrome Extension into the Userscript. Only three more to go!
    • Mention Links
    • Mass Archive/Delete Messages
    • Quick Edit "About Me"
    • Add Format Buttons
  • the Settings link now works when viewing your profile and a few other areas.
  • You can now click outside of the settings area to close the settings.


  • Overhauled the Settings Menu. Now it matches that of the Chrome/Firefox Extension!
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added "Search Friends". You can now search your friends list with the new textbox when viewing friends!
  • Updated the side bar so you can now click on the full name of the feature and it will turn on the code.


  • Initial release

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