Perilin / Add Various Torrent Search Links to Calendar


Version: 0.5.6+b3926bb updated

Summary: Adds Various (ie,, TorrentFunk, RARBG (etc,etc)) Search Links to Calendar Page

Copyright: 2018, Perilin Night

License: MIT

I'll add more search engines (with drop-down maybe) as time goes by, If you have a good reason to want a specific search available, drop me a line and make your case. Always happy to hear suggestions


2018-06-27 - v0.5.6

  • Added ReleaseBB search (orange icon, far right)

2018-06-27 - v0.5.5

  • Fixed some uri encode bugs (should see improvement with TorrentFunk searches)

2018-06-26 - v0.5.4

  • Added a Google search (white icon)

2018-01-27 - v0.5.1

  • Added iDope search (red icon)

2017-11-18 - v0.5.0

  • Added back ExtraTorrent search (under the .ag domain) (far left light blue icon)
  • Removed TorrentProject search due to website errors

2017-06-17 - v0.4.0

  • Added search
  • Minor nuisances fixed. Mostly behind the scenes stuff.

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