Pepsai / Steam Automatic Group Invite


Version: 2.0.3+54f4a17 updated

Summary: This script automatically invites members to your steam group when you load their profile.

License: MIT;

Steam Automatic Group Invite
This script do it easy for you, when you like to invite some people to your Steam group.

You only need to set the steam_group_custom_url variable to your Steam group custom URL and then when you visit a Steam profile, the script will automatic invite the user to your Steam group.

NOTE: I don't take responsibility whatsoever for any breach of the Steam Community rules. If the script break any rules.

All credits goes to the creator Micheal. - I only updated the script so it works..

  1. Install script with TamperMonkey etc. etc.
  2. Insert the custom group URL under "Customurl" on line 17.
  3. Activate the script
  4. When ever you visit a steam profile the script will now auto invite the user to the selected group.

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