Nickel / Widescreen tweak


Version: 1.0.9+1627242 updated

Summary: [unmaintained!!] Enhance the tumblr dashboard with widescreen and highres images


Copyright: 2014, Nickel

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

[[ THIS SCRIPT IS NOW UNMAINTAINED! As of 2015-01-01 it still works, but with some minor overlap of elements. I'm tired of having to fix it every time Tumblr updates... ]]

This script expands the dashboard and tries to make the best use of horizontal space it can, displaying things at higher resolutions, reducing the need for scrolling and clicking on the dash and making everything look prettier!

Photosets are tweaked to show two columns side-by-side. It doesn’t always work perfectly (this is not a bug!), but it does its job. The order of photosets is usually as follows:
left, right, next line, left, right, next line, etc.

Single photos are replaced with their larger versions. Those smaller inline images you have to click on are enlarged automatically. Avatars are also replaced with larger versions.
(to make use of highres single photos, "Show full size photos" needs ot be enabled in your dash settings)

The followers and following pages now use multiple columns and bigger avatars to make navigating quicker and more fun.

I recommend a browser window with at least 1500 pixels width. If you have less, zooming out (ctrl+mousewheel) might help.

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