Nickel / Stop Middle Click Hijacking


Version: 0.1+3ed7872 updated

Summary: Prevent sites from hijacking the middle mouse button for their own purposes


Copyright: 2014, Nickel

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

Websites should not screw with the functions of my mouse.

One example of such a site is the Youtube video search. If you accidentally middle-click on the description of a video (not the title), Youtube will "helpfully" open the video in the current tab.

Currently only enabled on Youtube. If you encounter additional sites doing this shit, you can add them as an include.

This script is intended for Firefox. It might not work with older versions (currently tested with 26). It might or might not work on Chrome.

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Note: I'm migrating to greasyfork, please check for the newest version there!

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