Nevertheless / YouTube Auto Resume


Version: 1.34+9733e06 updated

Summary: Automatically continue watching YouTube videos on your favourite channels where you left off.

License: MIT

A simple script which saves your playback time on YouTube videos for automatically resuming where you left off.

  • The auto-resume feature is disabled for all channels by default.
    You will find the button that enables it located under YouTube player, just above where the channel's name is.
  • Once enabled, auto-resume feature will start saving playback positions of videos on that particular YouTube channel as you watch them.
  • If you disable auto-resume on a channel, this will remove previously saved playback positions of all videos on that channel.
  • The script, by design, does not work on live streams.
  • Jumping to last saved playback position occurs 3 seconds after a video starts playing.
    ( unless you have a time-stamp in the video URL. e.g. t=36m15s )
  • If a video has only 5 per cent of playback time left, the saved playback position will be reset to 0 and the video will be considered fully watched.

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