Mrprocom / Web IRC Format Shortcuts


Version: 1.2+e94c315 updated

Summary: Adds shortcuts to format messages sent from QwebIRC or KiwiIRC

License: MIT

This userscript adds shortcuts to help format IRC messages.

Places where you can use this script:


  • Ctrl+B: Bold
  • Ctrl+K: Colour
  • Ctrl+I: Italic
  • Ctrl+U: Underline
  • Ctrl+O: Reset Formats
  • Ctrl+L: Left to Right Override
  • Ctrl+G: Greentext


  • To use the colour character, after doing the Ctrl+K shortcut, type a number from 00 to 15 to get a different colour. For example, for the colour red, press Ctrl+K then type the number 04 and then the text you want to change the colour of to red.
  • The formatting effect of some characters can be removed by inserting them again or by using the Reset Formats character (Ctrl+U)
  • Some of those characters might not appear properly in some clients, but they should appear properly in IRC clients that support them, like HexChat.

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