MrYaz / CO on Steroids


Version: 0.88+2a18498 updated

Summary: Makes it a lot more effective for cache owners to submit multiple geocache listings. Please change settings directly in the script below. Works best with Chrome and Tampermonkey.

Copyright: 2019, MrYaz

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Changes in v0.88 :

  • Removed ability to fill out reviewer text after redesign of
  • Added option to set cache to Premium only
  • Made some improvements of the first step typelocation to further optimize automation.


  • Install using Tampermonkey on Chrome
  • Configure directly in the script.
  • Rock on!

Known bugs:

  • Tried to automate the click on the Continue-button on sizeratings step with no success. Feel free to help!

Rating: 0