Mottie / GitLab Sort Content


Version: 0.1.1-beta+7b7be35 updated

Summary: A userscript that makes some lists & markdown tables sortable


License: MIT

A userscript that makes markdown tables sortable

  • This userscript makes the following content sortable, and examples
  • The script uses tinysort:
    • So only a ascending or descending sort of the list can be applied.
    • The only way to reset the sort is to reload the page.
    • Sorting of dates will work if all dates are within the same year; dates that span years will not sort properly - this is a limitation of the tinysort plugin.
  • The sort only applies to the elements on the current page; lists that continue on to other pages are not included.

* NOTE * Columns containing dates will not sort as expected because the tinysort library does not support it natively.


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