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Version: 1.0.9+a7ceef0 updated

Summary: A userscript that adds a color picker to the label color input



License: MIT

A userscript that adds a color picker to the label color input

  • This script only works on the page.
  • ColorPicker is the plugin applied to the label color inputs.
  • RGB, HSV, HSL, Hex, CMYK, CMY, XYZ and Lab color entry are all supported.
  • The alpha channel is disabled because labels can only be set as a solid color.
  • Save up to 8 color swatches.
  • Please read the ColorPicker documentation for additional details.
  • See the change log here.


Editing Swatch Colors


  • The ColorPicker plugin allows the saving a maximum of 8 swatches. If you want to add more, please discuss it with the author of the ColorPicker plugin.
  • Internally, the swatches are saved in a strict "rgba(255,255,255,1)" format, but because I like you I made this userscript accept hex values as well as rgba colors. Please be aware that after saving, all hex colors are coverted into their rgba equivalent - the alpha channel is always set to 1 - and therefore the next time you edit the settings, they will be in that format.
  • To save a color swatch in the popup, click on the far right swatch with a circle. This will remove the eighth swatch!


  • Click on the GreaseMonkey/Tampermonkey icon in the browser to open the popup.
  • Select the "Set label ColorPicker swatch colors" setting.
  • A prompt will open with and input containing the currently set swatch values. Acceptable formats include:
    • #123456.
    • #123.
    • rgba(255, 255, 255, 1).
    • All single and double quotes will be ignored.
  • Each entry must be separated by a comma, any spaces are ignored.
  • Edit and click "OK".
  • Reload the page to update the swatch colors.

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