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Version: 1.4.7+b25dd90 updated

Summary: A userscript that toggles issues/pull request comments & messages



License: MIT

A userscript that adds a popup menu that allows toggling comments

  • It only works on issue and pull request comment pages.
  • Items include just about all timeline entries including title, label, milestone and other changes.
  • There is also an option to toggle reactions and "+1" comments; it does include (any) emoji only comments and comments like "+1!!!!!!".
  • Toggle comments from specific users by clicking on their avatar in the popup menu.
  • Menu items that do not have content to hide will appear darker, except for the "Hide +1s" menu item (added v1.0.12).
  • All menu settings are saved except for specific user that have their comments hidden.
  • In v1.4.2, there are new/updated review entries:
    • Reviews (All) - hides all reviews. This also includes review requests, approvals and change requests.
    • Reviews (Outdated) - hides only outdated reviews; but may include current reviews depending on the wrapper (see issue #105).
    • Reviews (Resolved) - hides only resolved reviews, which usually means they are outdated. Also may include other reviews depending on the grouping.
    • Reviews (Current) - hides only current reviews; but again it may include other review types.



Menu (with ZenHub installed)


Reaction text

Note: repeat +1s removed, so this number may not match the "Hide +1s" value.


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