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Summary: Trial to see if this is a benefit with script lists



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License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

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  • Portable devices need to be tested including small-view ports... if it makes touch screens, especially small ones, more difficult to use then that is a concern.
  • Most modern browsers should support this but not tested across the board yet.
  • END OF LIFE NOTICE ... incorporated with #1019
  • No other miscellaneous notes at this time


Trims up the bottom margin as described in #469. This is a trial run to see if it is beneficial or not.


Please vote up or down if this is something that should be become site permanent. Install counts may be a factor but do not carry as much weight as votes including further weighting on more tenured accounts. e.g. game the system and we'll know. Trial will carry for 30 days from initial published date and be evaluated.

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