Mardaneus86 / FUT Enhancer


Version: 3.0.0+8e65910 updated

Summary: Enhances the FIFA Ultimate Team 21 Web app. Includes Futbin integration and other useful tools


License: MIT

FIFA 21's companion app for FIFA Ultimate Team, the FUT 19 Web App, is a website that lets you trade and manage your team on the go.

This TamperMonkey script is meant to enhance the FUT 19 Web App experience. You can install the scripts following the instructions below. Afterwards you will get a settings button on the bottom right of the web app, where you can enable every feature by itself. The scripts provide a certain degree of customisation possibilities.

!! Using these scripts is at your own risk. EA might (temp-)ban you for automating parts of their Web App.


  • Futbin integration
    • Show Futbin prices on all player cards throughout the app
    • Show link to player on Futbin
    • Mark bargains (BIN price lower then Futbin value)
  • Find Min BIN
  • Refresh transfer list
  • Increase transfer list size
  • Extra card information (contracts, fitness)
  • Total coin value for transfer list cards


Unbundled source-code is available at Github.

Add a feature request or bug to the issue list before doing a PR in order to discuss it before implementing a fix. Issues that are marked with the help wanted have priority if you want to help.

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