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Version: 0.4+d8b14c1 updated

Summary: Improve DJI Forum by turning all last-post-date into links plus giving the abilty to highlight any thread

License: GPL-3.0-or-later; http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt

In DJI official forums, when you are browsing any forum (outside of the main digest page) the list displays each thread with various infos regarding it : thread poster, creation date, # of views, # of replies, last poster and finally, the last post's date.

But for some reason, when this is common feature with most of the forums on the web, the last post date is just a text info here. It thus unfortunately doesn't provide a link for quick access to the last post. This is much annoying to have to scroll and search manually for the last post, and especially requires even much time with multiple-pages's threads.

So i decided to create this script in order to make these last posts dates being a link directly pointing to the corresponding last post for fast access, instead of just a text info.

Since version 0.3, as per rolling56 forum user suggestion, i added the ability to highlight any thread by clicking on the thread post date (or its little clock icon). You just have to click the thread post date to change its title highlight status (highlighted or not). It also works when you're into any thread detail, by clicking the first post date (or its little clock icon) at the top right. All highlighted threads reference are stored in a local cookie. You can delete all highlights at once by doing ctrl+click on any thread post date (this will also delete the cookie).

Warning : as the highlighted threads are saved in a cookie, if you clear your browser cookies for some reason, you will of course lose all your highlights. Also, my cookie not being related to DJI forum user's account, you will not retrieve your highlights across different devices (PC/tablets...), but only on the device where you created them.

That's it ! Hope this helps.

(tested with Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

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