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Version: 2.23+fa4d8f8 updated

Summary: Making DinoRPG faster


License: MIT;

Making DinoRPG faster

Fast Discussions and Fights:

  • No more waiting on dialogues, you can click on the answer before the text is fully loaded
  • Fight results can be shown instantly with a single click

With 1 click get:

  • Merguez sausages, from the Merquez seller @ Ashpouk Ruins, with an extra button
  • Water charm, from Bao's fan @ Bao Bob's House, with an extra button
  • Fire charm, from Soft Shaman @ Lavapit, with an extra button
  • Shovel repaired, by Miner @ Coral mines, with an extra button
  • Shovel repaired, by Forger @ Forges of the Big All-Hot, with an extra button
  • Double skill, from MadamX @ Bruteforce, with an extra button
  • Focus, start focussing with Bao Bob @ Bao Bob's house, with an extra button
  • To Nimbao, no more falling somewhere in Dinoland @ Klutz's workshop, with an extra button (until the workshop gets destroyed)
  • Skully missions, 1 click to Skully's missions @ Twilight Cemetery, with an extra button
  • Ashpouk Totem, from Professor Eugene @ The University, with an extra button

Details tab gets an extra line if:

  • Invocater skills are gathered, but Invocator isn't available yet
  • Double skills are gathered, but Double-Skill isn't available yet

Nice extras:

  • Swamp roadsign, provides fight and move ability when near Sticky Swamp
  • Bruteforce opponent info, shows info on opponent skills before you start the match
  • Mission reward info, shows rewards before you accept the mission
  • Level-up tree, shows when you level up
  • Gravity Rock Roadsign, provides daily timetable for the gravity rock's position
  • Dungeonmaps with ingame or external view option

The faster discussions and the merguez thing are copied from sunn0's DinoRPG simpler script, though slightly edited.

Added in V2.23:

  • 20-12-2015 - Fixed a bug for 50+ skills, seems the levelup page is a bit different from the normal levelup...
  • Started adding 50+ skills, so for only added Air fully and Fire + Lightning half

Added in V2.22:

  • Fixed a wrong Cuzcous mapview for level 10.

Added in V2.21:

  • Dungeon maps for Cuzcous Ruins added
  • Removed scoll-zoom on dungeon maps, clickzoom + scrollbars seems to work better

Added in V2.20:

  • Dungeon map for Kaze Kami Forest
  • Updated the Gravity Rock Roadsign a bit so its more clear using an outline

Added in V2.19:

  • Fixed minor bug issue in dungeon map zoom

Added in V2.18:

  • Ingame dungeon maps now zoomable with click or scroll (pretty primitive since only Javascript is used, but it can zoom!)

Added in V2.17:

  • Ingame viewable map for The Katacombs and The Monster Port Sewers when entering either dungeon
  • Link to external mapview also available
    (Will add the other dungeonmaps when I reach those dungeons again)

Added in V2.16:

  • Gravity Rock Roadsign fixed for Sunday
  • Cassandra Missions fixed with correct missionnames

Added in V2.15:

  • Show/Hide fight result option

Added in V2.14:

Added in V2.13:

  • (06-03-2015) Previous fix was bugged... fixed it now.
  • Focus script fix, seems it only worked when no watercharm was present...
  • Tournament Info updates

Added in V2.08-V2.11:

  • Full skill path list for all level-ups
  • Mission info got a remake, now it integrates more with the site
  • Smog invocation for Air level-up
  • Replaced image locations of most items which pointed at the forum, it seems MT removed those
  • Mission info corrections
  • Tournament info updates

Added in V2.07:

  • Full skill path list for Lightning level-up
  • Smog invocation for Lightning level-up

Added in V2.06:

  • Double skill and Invocation info also visible under skill tree on level up

Added in V2.05:

  • Skills tree when levelling up (in image of Rianon's DinoRPG site)
  • Mission info fixes
    (f.e. Chen's missions are a bit different once you complete the Quetzu-quest)
  • Tournament Info Updates

Added in V2.04:

  • Link to Rianon's DinoRPG skills pages when a dinoz levels up
    (preparation to replace link with the actual skills list)
  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info Updates

Added in V2.02-V2.03:

  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info Updates
  • Mission Info for Golum, Cassandra, Captain of the Guard and Sage Rhubabao'riley missions

Added in V2.00-V2.01:

  • Fix on doubleskill button (it missed option 5)
  • Charm buttons only appear if charm isn't already acquired
  • Focus button only appears if Korgon Fins are acquired
  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info Updates

Added in V1.97-V1.99:

  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info updates
  • Reward items given when completing a mission, since these don't show (anymore?) normally
  • Get/Repair shovel only appears when not existent or broken @ Coral Mines

Added in V1.94-V1.96:

  • Fixed To Nimbao script (now Nimbao really is 1 click away!)
  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info updates
  • Forger shovel repair only shows when shovel is broken

Added in V1.91-1.93:

  • Get Double skill fix
  • Mission info fixes
  • Tournament Info updates
  • Get Ashpouk Totem 1 click (after getting the Old Stone)

Added in V1.90:

  • Stickyswamp roadsign now shows which day it is and looks much better integrated
  • Swamp roadsign can be seen from all connecting places

Added in V1.89:

Added in V1.85-V1.88:

  • Mission Info fixes
  • Tournament Info updates

Added in V1.84:

  • All reward info except for Klutz, Gulom, Cassandra, Captain of the Guard, Rhubabao'riley
    (Some bugs could occur as to not having the exact mission names available)

Added in V1.83:

  • Reward info for Soft Shaman, Elemental Master and Mr. Bao Bob

Added in V1.81-V1.82:

  • Reward info for missions
    You can see the rewards when you click on your current mission.
    This opens the windows which allows you to give up the mission.

Added in V1.8:

  • Get invocator and get double skill moved to top of skillslist.

  • Added mouseover info for Get Invocator so you can see where to get it

  • Bruteforce Tournament Opponent info.

    The BTO info isn't completely accurate yet, so please provide feedback if you find faults or additional skills

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