KodeItDEV / JiffProxy


Version: 0.2+9620455 updated

Summary: Web proxy using Google Translate

Copyright: 2017, KodeItDEV (https://openuserjs.org/users/KodeItDEV)

License: MIT

** Note: This script is very much in a beta release. There may be many problems and things that need to be added but this will be fixed in future updates. Take reliability with a grain of salt.

Also, sites like browsers tend to not work with this proxy. At this point, it seems unfixable, so just type in direct url's.**


  • 0.2
  1. Using the proxy is now 'manual', meaning you have to navigate to the Proxy settings and type the url you want to travel to instead of it being automatic. This solves problems with some blocked webpages that would fail to load the Proxy script
  • 0.1
  1. Initial Release

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