KeyWeeUsr / AutoReblog2Queue


Version: 1.0+9393924 updated

Summary: Make your Tumblr queue in a single key press.



Copyright: 2018+, Peter Badida

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Userscript for Tumblr Dashboard which automatically changes the reblogging option to "Add to queue" and reblogs it immediately.

Basically this little script takes an advantage of the already available behavior of Tumblr keyboard shortcuts i.e. navigating via J and K keys together with R for reblogging. The script works in the background, checks whether the modal window is present (waits if not), changes the reblogging options and then presses the "Queue" button (changed "Reblog" button).

Just use these navigation keys: J (up), K (down), L (heart), R (reblog).

You can toggle the autoreblogging script on/off with the Ctrl + Q keys. It's turned ON by default.

Also, if you deactivated the script and pressed R (reblog), you can always activate it back with Ctrl + Q keys and the script will automatically add the current post you are reblogging to the queue.

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