KamasamaK / Giant Bomb reviewer images


Version: 1.5.1+ebf842e

Summary: Inserts reviewer images into reviews on newer website designs

Homepage: https://github.com/KamasamaK/gb-review-images

Support: https://github.com/KamasamaK/gb-review-images/issues

License: MIT

Giant Bomb reviewer images

Reviewer images were removed upon a redesign of Giant Bomb. This script places a contextual cartoon image of the Giant Bomb reviewer into the position where the reviewer's image would previously be -- next to the star rating -- for all of their respective reviews on Giant Bomb.

People who were not typical reviewers or had joined the website later will instead have placeholder or no images. New art is welcome and will be incorporated in any of these cases if someone is inclined to create it. This script is subject to fail on a future redesign of the website.

Images for the original members were created by Ben Coello. Images for Alex and Patrick were created by Giant Bomb user papercut.

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