JRI / Runkeeper Fastest 5k


Version: 0.0.2+da2389c

Summary: Shows the fastest time you ran 5k (or other set distances) within a longer Runkeeper activity.


Copyright: 2021, James Inge (

License: MIT;

I like to keep track of my times for running 5km, but I often have a bit of a warm-up and warm-down either side of the main run. I like Runkeeper to track the whole activity, but I want an easy way of figuring out my best time for the fast 5km section. This script solves that problem.

The script adds a new block under the split times on a Runkeeper activity page, showing how fast you ran 5km, and other common race distances (1km, 10km, 10mi, 20km, half marathon, marathon). The block shows the time for each distance, and the start time relative to the start of the activity. If you hover the mouse over the stats, you can see the pace and start distance.

The script should use your preferred units (miles or km) for pace and start distance, according to your Runkeeper website settings. It should also work on your friends' activity pages.

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