JRI / Handicaching


Version: 0.0.6+f0584be updated

Summary: Makes geocaching more accessible


Copyright: 2011-14, James Inge (

License: MIT;

This script integrates with, to help make the sport of geocaching more accessible. allows you to rate geocaches according to their accessibility, in a more detailed manner than the attributes allow. It covers factors such as distance, route surface, slope and obstructions. This helps people to match the caches they seek to their own abilities.

The Handicaching script shows the Handicache rating on geocache web pages and gives you a quick link to let you rate caches yourself. Click the thumbnail above to see a screenshot of it in action.

The script should work fine in Firefox if Greasemonkey is installed, and should work in other browsers that have Greasemonkey-style userscript support. To make it work in Chrome you will need to install a userscript manager with cross-site XMLhttpRequest support, such as Tampermonkey.

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