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Version: 0.0.9+1e1772c updated

Summary: Adds your church micro stats badge onto your profile and the cache listing page for Church Micro caches.


Copyright: 2014-15, James Inge (

License: MIT;

This userscript displays award badges for the Church Micro Series of geocaches on the website.

The Church Micro Series was started by sadexploration and is now the largest series of geocaches in the world. Statistics on finds and hides in the series are maintained by BaSHful. His website also generates award badges for different levels of achievement for Church Micro finders. Thanks go to him too for helping improve this script!

This script automatically displays BaSHful's statistics badges on It will display your own badge in the stats bar section of your Profile page ( and other people's badges under the photos on their profile pages (unless they were already on the page). On the listing pages for Church Micro caches, it will show both your badge and the hider's. It also shows basic find statistics on the Your Friends page ( Clicking on the badge will take you to the main Church Micro Series statistics page.

To get the script to work, you need to be logged in to The script doesn't try to show any stats on cache pages that aren't Church Micro caches.

If you are new to userscripts and want to know how to install the script in your web browser, see the Userscript Beginners' HOWTO.

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