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Version: 2.1.0+25fb394 updated

Summary: Fap hand in hand with Ileca for a better tomorrow.

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Ileca's Fap Viewer

Please report any bug, thank you.
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When viewing a gallery on E-Hentai, the IFV resizes the pictures to make them fill the length of your viewport even when the window is resized (however, it doesn't stretch them), with a chic black background to set the mood when you are alone (or in group) with your favorite waifu(s).
No more unfitting unzoom, even more when the pictures switch from Portrait to Landscape. *horror*
With F11 that triggers fullscreen mode, it's a killer combo!
You can even switch from IFV to original mode, from original to IFV and vice versa and versa vice and fap and fap fap fap and now you have an epileptic seizure.


Tested on:

  • Firefox with Violentmonkey and Tampermonkey

Doesn't work on:

  • Firefox with Greasemonkey

Previously worked on:

  • Chrome with Tampermonkey, but as of now, I dunno, and have no intention to re-install this spyware on my computer just to check that

Manual (téhé)

As a reminder, here is the list of native hotkeys for E-H galleries that still work with IFV:

  • Previous Page: ←/4/A
  • Next Page: →/6/D/Spacebar
  • Reload Image: 5/R

I added (because the controls disappear in IFV mode):

  • Switch IFV/Original mode: Enter
  • Return to the gallery Main page: +/M
  • Front page: -/F
  • Show all Galleries with this file: G

IFV is enabled by default at startup but if you want to start reading a gallery with the original mode then switch to IFV when you want, you can change that setting. To do it:

  1. Load a gallery image to trigger the user script
  2. Violentmonkey: click on the monkey's head and then on "Ileca's Fap Viewer > Ileca's Fap Viewer"
    Tampermonkey: click on the add-on's icon and then on "Settings" below "Ileca's Fap Viewer"
  3. This will open a prompter where you just have to type y (default) or n if you want the IFV to be enabled or not at startup



  • Bug fixes
  • "Show all galleries with this file" and "Front Page" shortcuts


  • Firefox compatible
  • Switch IFV/Original mode and vice versa
  • IFV/Original mode at startup setting
  • Hotkeys remapping (sorry)


  • Working again (yeah, I know, FINALLY)
  • Page number on hover

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