Hyppy / AutoHorde


Version: 2.2+d1f41a2 updated

Summary: Automatically click various action buttons in Gooboo

Homepage: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/Hyppy/AutoHorde

License: MIT

A simple script to automate clicking various buttons in Gooboo.

Version 2.0 updates this script so that you don't necessarily need to be on the tab for the feature for automation to work. When the script loads correctly, buttons will appear on the top right, near the settings menu. Click them to toggle on or off.

  • XHorde will automatically click each of the action buttons in two modes. "ALL" will click all action buttons every time they come off cooldown. "SHORT" will activate combat actions with a cooldown under 10 minutes (5 minutes at Mastery 4), as well as all utilities.
  • XFarm will automatically click the button to harvest/replant once per second. To avoid harvesting some crops, check out the color feature in the game.
  • XGalleryPrestige will automatically buy all "Advertise" ideas then click the prestige button for Gallery if there is cash to gain. You should have confirmations turned off for this.
  • XNiter will automatically farm to either 100 or 1,000 breaks on rocks in the mining feature below 130m, progressing as it hits the configured target

Thanks to Discord @Kuwaii and @lucidobservor for contributing code to various features. Feel free to pop in at https://discord.gg/SQ2zFfrxXT in the #cheetah-zone channel to chat about features, bugs, or suggestions.

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