Hyppy / AntiQuark


Version: 1.9+faa62db updated

Summary: Automates some parts of Antimatter Dimensions

Homepage: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/Hyppy/AntiQuark

License: MIT

AntiQuark - The Antimatter Dimensions Automator

AntiQuark adds a button at the bottom of Antimatter Dimensions with a handful of neat tools. It is being developed as I work my way through Antimatter Dimensions.

The script is only tested with TamperMonkey on Chrome. It should also work with GreaseMonkey on Firefox, but is untested by me.

To install, simply click the blue Install button near the top right of this page. This script should automatically update daily (or based upon your TamperMonkey settings), or can be manually updated from the context menu of TamperMonkey with "Check for userscript updates".

Message Hyppy on the AD Discord or the AD Subreddit thread for bugs, comments, or ideas.


Automate Runs

  • This will automatically go for Infinity by trying to optimally purchase dimensions, tickspeed, shifts, boosts, galaxies, and sacrifices.
  • Works in all of the challenges to some degree

Auto Crunch

  • This automatically clicks the Big Crunch. DOES NOT WORK after you break infinity, so turn it off and rely on the Autobuyer.

Turbo Max All

  • This will click the Max All button at 1000 clicks per second. Helpful if you've broken Infinity and need a little speed boost over your autobuyers

Run Stats

  • Provides a draggable floating stats section that includes the last 2 runs from the Statistics->Past Infinities tab.

Auto Sac

  • Automatically sacrifice at 100x. Useful in some autobuy-powered runs over 5-10s or for pushing Infinity Dimensions prior to getting AutoSac in game

Auto Replicanti

  • Automatically perform a replicanti reset when available


v1.9 - Added Auto-Replicanti Galaxy feature
v1.8 - Boost/Shift purchases now wait 110ms to allow for bulk autobuys
v1.7a - Made Galaxy autobuy and Shift/Boost autobuy run indefinitely after breaking infinity
v1.7 - Auto Sac button added to automatically sacrifice at 100x. Useful in some autobuy runs over 5-10s.
v1.6d - The script will now buy singles of a dimension in most scenarios if you have less than 10 already or are close to shift/boost
v1.6c - WHy not make that stats bar draggable? Sure thing.
v1.6b - Changed the window title to reflect the AntiQuark version
v1.6a - Moved the AntiQuark button to the right and fixed its position
v1.6 - Added a floating counter for the last 2 runs in the bottom left, toggleable in the AntiQuark menu
v1.5 - Added a new setting toggle, "Turbo Max All" - This clicks Max All every 1ms.
v1.43 - Fixed BigCrunch detection to allow for post-broken infinity automation
v1.42 - added HTTPS support - thanks /u/hawgie
v1.41 - corrected some logic in variable shift/boost condition. Reversed changelog chronology.
v1.4 - Added a variable shift/boost condition based on amount of times infinitied
v1.3 - Set tick rate of AntiQuark to 10ms, down from 200ms. Will monitor for performance problems.
v1.2 - Disable sacrifices if sacrifice notification is enabled. Allows for easy completion of an achievement.
v1.1a - Cleaned up a lot of code and added more comments
v1.1 - Completely rewrote Autobuy Tickspeed challenge logic. Completed in just over an hour at 180 IP.
v1.03 - More edits to AUtobuy Tickspeed challenge. Still testing if it can complete. Definitely not optimal.
v1.02 - Fixed bug in shift/boost detection
v1.0 - Added logic to complete Autobuy Tickspeed challenge
Corrected logic for buying 1 of a dimension for shifts/boosts
v0.9 - Added metadata for updates
v0.8 - Added autobuy-2 challenge logic that waits until 20s between any purchases unless all buys are available
Updated smartmax function to buy new dimensions or a single dimension for a shift requirement
Cleaned up some if statements
v0.7 - Consolidated autobuy-8 challenge logic into main loop, added auto-crunch toggle
v0.6 - Added logic for certain challenges in the standard function
v0.5a - bug fix on standard run logic
v0.5 - Updated logic for standard runs
v0.4 - Added automation of standard non-challenge runs
v0.3a - Just adding comments for readibility and maintainability
v0.3 - Created an AntiQuark tab to contain settings and toggles. Currently only housing automated dimension 8 autobuy challenge
v0.2 - Added logic to repeat the challenge once finished, as well as disable the automation if the challenge is not active
v0.1 - Automated the Dimension 8 Autobuy challenge that's useful from IP1 to IP6


  • Extend into further challenges as I encounter them

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