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Version: 0.2.2+1608b65 updated

Summary: Make /tg/station guides better with extra features

Copyright: 2020, Hamcha (https://openuserjs.org/users/Hamcha), D

License: ISC

Some jobs in Space Station 13 are heavily dependant on the wiki, eg. Chemist having a guide containing all the recipes for making whatever.

However, browsing the wiki page is quite cumbersome, especially with the tooltips and kinda bad indexing.

Most of the functionality is for augmenting the Guide to chemistry page to add contextful fuzzy searching for jumping quickly to specific recipies, auto-expanded tooltips and a couple other niceties (checkboxes and part-to-ml convertion helpers) to make the chemist experience a bit less painful.

However, other pages will fallback to a more "generic" approach, so if you need to quickly find items in, say, the Guide to construction, you should be able to find them easily with SHIFT+S.

Note: Works better with DarkReader, though I tried to make it usable without.


Fuzzy search

Lookup reagent/recipe by name (Guide to chemistry) or any header (Guide to construction/medicine/etc), jump to it instantly.

fuzzy search video

Auto-Expanded tooltips (Chemistry)

No more tooltips, everything is auto-expanded by default. (Collapsable boxes might be coming in the future)





Beaker/Target sizing (Chemistry)

Very inaccurate!! I kept making way too much solution for what I needed and found it hard to understand how much of each I needed (mostly when making sub-recipes), this tries to help with that. Probably useless to most.

beaker video

Checkboxes (Chemistry)

Trying to make Corgium but keep losing track of what recipes you have made already? This should help track your progress on complicated chem. Completion is reset by disabling/re-enabling them.

checkbox video

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