HJ-OTMOP / HJ Member Toolkit


Version: 0.5.7+17f235a updated

Summary: A suite of tools for HANDJOB group members

Copyright: 2018-2022, HJ-OTMOP (https://openuserjs.org/users/HJ-OTMOP)

License: MIT

The HJ Member Toolkit is a collection of tools designed to make encoding for the group as quick, easy and convenient as possible and is recommended for all members and anyone looking to encode for the group. This script replaces both 'Display HJ Rank' and 'Display Active Encodes' and both should be deactivated/deleted before installing this.

With the Toolkit, you can pre-check your mediainfo logs for common errors as well as receive guidance on how to fix them, manage your encode offers, view the HANDJOB Guide at the touch of a button, receive important messages from the group admin as well as dozens of other features. See the welcome message after installation for a full feature list.

Changelog 0.5.7: (2022-01-01)

  • Bumped collection to 2022
    Changelog 0.5.6: (2021-01-02)
  • Added note to login process about need for one editable PTP forum post
    Changelog 0.5.5: (2021-01-01)
  • Updated collection to use 2021's information
  • Internal function naming changes
  • Fix for bug with AAC filename detection
  • Resolved issue with locked posts during login
    Changelog 0.5.4: (2020-09-27)
  • Re-implemented automatic logout if refresh token is invalid
    Changelog 0.5.3: (2020-09-26)
  • Changed thread links to use first page rather than last read
  • Modified the API domain path
  • Fix for an error that occurs occasionally when adding encodes via the Shift-Click menu
    Changelog 0.5.2 (2020-09-01)
  • Fixed issue that could prevent non-members of HANDJOB from using the script
    Changelog 0.5.1 (2020-08-28)
  • Resolved an issue with user data not being shown properly in some panels
    Changelog 0.5.0 (2020-08-23)
  • Changed to support the new API data response
    Changelog 0.4.5 (2020-08-17)
  • Minor tweak to error reporting
  • Script will auto-logout now when receiving a signal form the API
    Changelog 0.4.4 (2020-08-13)
  • Added a resolution for when the verification forum post chosen has been locked or frozen by PTP.
    Changelog 0.4.3 (2020-08-13)
  • Encode upload attachments not saving copypasted mediainfo log issue fixed
    Changelog 0.4.2 (2020-08-11)
  • Switched from GM XML requests to using the JS Fetch API
    Changelog 0.4.1 (2020-08-01)
  • Added improved debugging information for API login issues
    Changelog 0.4.0 (2020-07-30)
  • Implemented HANDJOB API login and logout process
  • Member ranks are now delivered live from the API
  • Messages are also fetched live from the API
  • Removed promotion notifications, which will be reinstated later via the API server
  • Added update script to remove storage variables that are no longer used
  • Reorganised many of the script variables
    Changelog 0.3.9 (2020-06-06)
  • Fixed issue with Request Quickforms' option not being respected
  • Change the auto-bench option to be default behaviour and removed option
  • Added option for showing/disabling context-menu cursor for torrent links (bench shift-click)
  • Fixed bug with toolbar window closing when using a select menu
    Changelog 0.3.8 (2020-05-21)
  • HSF grant applications were accidentally adding the value of the "iwet-send" checkbox to the encoding resolutions string
    Changelog 0.3.7 (2020-05-07)
  • Removed HSF grant archive data storage since it was unused and causing an error with the new format in the forum post
    Changelog 0.3.6 (2020-04-27)
  • Tweak to mediainfo scanner to detect 470M as NTSC DVD
    Changelog 0.3.3 (2019-12-29)
  • Attempted fixes for cache update system to prevent resource calls when receiving ajax responses
    Changelog 0.3.2 (2019-08-11)
  • Rewrote MI Scanner to use the same class-based system as the Admin script for syncronising updates of the scanner
  • Implemented new system for adding multiple resolutions to the bench via Shift-Click
  • Added fullscreen view button for the Encoding Centre bench
  • Encodes with ZXX (no linguistic content) audio now have a separate subtitle check
  • Fixed error for processing Member Encodes when a 'various' or unknown resolution was detected
  • Encode offers with auto-renew will now have their attachments carried forward
  • Added "Last Encode" field to member profile
  • Tweaked display in Encoding Centre for when there are no active encode offers

Changelog 0.3.1 (2019-06-07)

  • Small tweak to benchEncode process to minimise ajax calls.
  • Moved notifications to the Modal class
  • Switched out notification 'x' for bin icon to clarify whether msg is being closed or deleted
  • Improved Modal to allow for message scrolling with a custom scrollbar
  • Locked down font family and size to ensure consistency across operating systems (apparently, Linux doesn't have Helvetica)
  • Tweaks to UI rendering to keep title at top of panel
  • Changes to the modal background to accommodate styles with image backgrounds
  • Added AutoBench option, which adds encode offers to the bench automatically if your offer queue is full
    Changelog – (2019-06-02)
  • Added fix for issue with autocomplete upload where audio tracks could be skipped
  • Put in more colour options for the genre chart
  • Stopped the progress bar disappearing when cursor is removed from menu icon
    Changelog - – (2019-06-01)
  • Various quick fixes for issues from Firefox
  • Various other bug fixes and 0.3 transition issues
  • Added new chart types to cover both percentage and quantity
  • Clicking outside the modal or on the X will now close the modal window
    Changelog – (2019-06-01)
  • Fix for error from no mediainfo log on upload function
  • Tweak to CSS issue that was messing things up on Firefox
    Changelog 0.3 – (2019-06-01)
  • Separated Toolbar Settings from Member Profile into own panel
  • Added 'View Charts' page for Member Profile
  • Rewrote ajax function implementation to ensure control over multiple tabs
  • Encoding Centre is now rewritten with new 'Attach' and 'Upload' functions for active encodes
  • New back button for each secondary panel
  • More stats added to Member Profile
  • Redesigned access and UI for 'Create BBCode List'
  • Proper progress bar added for updating cache from main toolbar
  • Implemented a version check for necessary cache updates
  • Change to how much data is collected for member encodes to allow more detailed charts and stats
  • Users can now save an unlimited amount of encodes to the bench
  • Sorting of the bench now takes place in the toolbar rather than via a separate window
  • 'Create Approval Post' menu item is now hidden from anyone Soldato+
  • Added a debug facility for ajax issues
  • Fixed rounding issue on profile load percentage count
  • Fixed an issue with request scanning on Finish Encode that could cause an error
  • Added paste event listener to Finish Encode PL input
  • Removed keyboard shortcut to reset toolkit data. Use the button in the Member Profile page instead
    Changelog 0.2.2
  • Added option to the BBCode List Styler to change the label for the [hide] box for 'Insert Encoding History'
  • Fixed major issue with the 'Create Approval Post' function wherein it didn't work at all.
  • Added piece-size calculation to the autocomplete upload form function/button
  • Gave 10px more headroom to the toolbar box
  • Resolved issue wherein request links would display in non-forum contexts if global functions were enabled
  • Added checking of acceptable sources on 'Finish Encode'
    Changelog - Fix for an issue that could cause audio or subtitle tracks not to be registered if no chapters present in MI log
    Changelog 0.2.1 – Added info on only downsampling if encoding from lossless audio
    Changelog 0.2
  • Added automated upload form completion when mediainfo log detected in release description (on click of BBCode button)
  • Rectified an issue with promotion notifications causing an error in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where 'Finish Encode' would stall in certain cases

Changelog - Small tweak for the anamorphic display calculation's margin-of-error

  • Added HTML stripping for request comments on 'Finish Encode' which could mess up the select option if links were present
  • Small fix for colour mismatch on request comment help-tip on 'Finish Encode'
    Changelog – Resolved issue with encode history cutting off when there are more than 50 active offers on PTP
  • Small fix for Quickrequest forms when there's no IMDb link
  • Formatting issue on feedback msg for no subs on non-English audio
  • Non-display of error messages on requests with no PTP group fixed
  • Fix for bench not updating sometimes after submitting to the encoding queue.
    Changelog - Tiny fix for mediainfo log cleaner for DOS systems
  • Minor fix for setting aspect ratio of file in MI Scanner
  • Shifted timer updates to first action on updateCache to combat browser launch spamming requests
  • Added some integration with the Admin toolkit to enable that toolkit to re-centre the page on loading
  • Listener for IWET offers to update currentlyEncoding when submitted
    Changelog 0.1.5
  • Fix for Encode List showing up reversed in forum tool;
  • Fix for screenshot comparison container not showing on HANDJOB guide
  • Added 'slow updates' option on Member Profile
  • Integrated delays between ajax calls if option is enabled
  • Improved handling of input triggers on Finish Encode tool
  • Requests on the Finish Encode panel are now sorted by bounty

Changelog - Increased logging for detection of potential AJAX loops
Changelog 0.1.4 - Fix for MI Scanner filename detection from DOS systems; Some adjustments for the Beach and Space styles
Changelog 0.1.3 – Added message for when bench is empty; Added fps section to MI Scanner; Added 'Space' toolbar style; Added 'Insert Encoding History' button to BBCode Toolbar; Fixes for time issues
Changelog 0.1.2 – Fix for regular expression error that prevented the script working on Firefox
Changelog 0.1.1 – Fix for issue in encoding dates in other timezones; fix for toolbar displaying underneath some stylesheets

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