FoxCode / Discord++ | Take your discord web experience to the next level


Version: updated

Summary: Discord++ adds tons of features to your web browser discord! Custom backgrounds, Account-Switcher, Log deleted messages, custom colors, smooth and new animations, better optimization, no rate limits, and much much more! It also comes with it's own theme (it can be disabled).

License: MIT

DISCORD++ improves your web browser's Discord experience to a whole new level!

  • Custom backgrounds
  • Log deleted messages
  • Silent Typing
  • Custom colors
  • Improved timestamps
  • Smooth and new animations
  • Better optimization
  • Lurk Mode
  • No install app reminders
  • No rate limits
  • And much much more!

And thats not all! It even comes with the most advanced, polished and unique looking custom theme!

To install Discord++ use Tampermonkey: Click to find

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