Ezalias / Eza's Tumblr Scrape


Version: 4.3+c144e8e updated

Summary: Creates a new page showing just the images from any Tumblr

License: MIT

Download all images from any Tumblr, or browse ten pages' worth of images at a time.

Adds a "Scrape" button in the upper right-hand corner of every Tumblr (even when you browse for specific tags).

Many artists use Tumblr blog as a gallery site. Sometimes you want the pictures without scrolling past endless text. Sometimes you want clicking images to make them bigger instead of sending you to unrelated pages.

Eza's Tumblr Scrape tries to help - by ignoring most of what Tumblr is for. Every user page (e.g. Example.Tumblr.com) gets a convenient "Scrape" link. If you're browsing by tag, it'll list every image for that tag, so you can grab them with DownThemAll. You can also browse the images, full-sized or thumbnailed, with every image linked to its proper high-res version. It's never been so easy to get neck-deep in Homestuck fanart and Sherlock GIFs!

(Tumblr-based sites that don't end in ".tumblr.com" still work, but don't get the convenient button. Ditto for certain wacky themes. Sorry. Add "/archive?ezastumblrscrape" to the address bar to use this anyway!)

This script is kept up-to-date on Greasy Fork:

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