DitherSky / US customary to metric autoconvert


Version: 1.0+769094a updated

Summary: Converts US customary (or Imperial) units to metric automatically on predefined sites.


License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


Option mode_replace can be set to either false where script adds metric equivalent after original (ex: 3 cups /710 ml/ milk) or true where script replaces original text (ex: 710 ml milk).

Option precision specifies to how much significant digits you want to round the result, undefined value will keep it as is.

Other sites should be added to the script's header through GM-manager:

// @include https://example1.com/*some_parameter*
// @include https://example2.com/some_path/some_other_path/*

Script can be converted to British Imperial units to metric conversion by modifying multipliers of re_matrix.

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