Cpt_mathix / Youtube - Restore Classic


Version: 1.0.10+7dd36b4 updated

Summary: If youtube is in the new 2017 YouTube Material Redesign, automatically restore classic view


License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Well looks like the final days for classic youtube... you'll be missed my friend.

Google has announced that it will kill off the classic YouTube desktop interface in March 2020. This script will probably stop working!

Important! It looks like this script is starting to fail for some people. I have a feeling that the new youtube experience is coupled to your youtube account, since classic seems to work when you are logged out. I can't fix this issue unfortunately.

You can try to force classic youtube by changing your User-Agent (source):

  • Install a user-agent extension like User-Agent Switcher for Chrome or Firefox
  • Set your user agent to googlebot
  • Tick 'override domain'
  • Keep this script

This script was created because my youtube scripts (Youtube Play Next Queue and Youtube Search While Watching Video) originally didn't work with the new youtube redesign. But you can certainly also use this for other scripts that only work with the old classic youtube.

Important: This script uses Cookies so make sure that you allow them!

If you want to use modern youtube again:

  1. Disable/Remove this script
  2. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/new

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