ClockworkSquirrel / ROBLOX - Pinned Users (v2)(Trello)


Version: 1.0.0+00feb8a

Summary: "Pin" users to your ROBLOX Home without actually being friends.


License: MIT;

"Pinned Users" allows you to pin users to your ROBLOX Home page. They will be displayed in a section above your friends list. They will act exactly as friends do, with status icon displaying their current location. You can pin users from their profile, by clicking the "Pin to Home" button found underneath their blurb.

Version 2.0 adds Trello integration. You do not need any knowledge on how to use Trello; you must simply have an account. This extension will take care of setting up anything on Trello's side of things. Trello integration means you will be able to access your pinned users from any computer running this extension, as long as you authorise the extension with the same Trello account. You can also manage your pinned users from Trello itself, via the board which is created for you. This version also allows for separate users to have separate pins, by creating individual Trello lists for individual users. The previous version does not require a Trello account.

How to Install UserScripts


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Pinned Users on the Home Page Pin Button on Profiles

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