Clay_Banger / bots4 Fight Stats


Version: 1.0+137e8e3 updated

Summary: Displays stats about previous fights while fighting

License: MIT

This addon displays statistics about fights during each battle, as well as other locations around Bots4. It works by capturing the end result of a battle and saving the results into your browsers local storage.

Each fight has a box that hovers with statistics about any previous fights between the two bots that are fighting.
bots stats while fighting/training

The stats that will display (depending on the type of battle) are below. The values are un-buffed values.

  • Total Fights between the two bots
  • Average duration of the fight
  • Percentage of the fights that your bot has won
  • 1K engery time, is the length of time spent battling need to get 1,000 energy from the opponent.
  • Average experience points gained per battle
  • Average experience points gained per minute of battle time
  • Average kudos acquired per battle

All of the above stats for every fight taken while the addon is active can be seen under the new link on the left under the hall of fame.
bots statistics page
You can also delete individual statistics, clear all of the statistics gather and import/export the statistics from this page.

The addon will also display the statistics gathered when selecting a opponent when fighting/training.
When fighting, if there is statistics for that opponent, a bots logo will appear which when hovered over, will display the statistics.
fight list statistics
When training, it will be added below each of the training bots details.
train list statistics

And lastly, the stats for any fights against a bot will appear in a new section on that bots profile.
stats on profile

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