Chewbaka69 / OGame UI+++UI Optimise


Version: 1.2.3+dba2736 updated

Summary: Upgrade the interface and add some features. Read openuserjs description for more information. Optimise to Ogame UI+++UI and AntiGame

License: MIT

We recommend to use now the Firefox Extension or the Google Chrome Extension.

  • New tab : nearby inactive players
  • New tab : active neighbours
  • New tab : account-wise statistics (like the Empire view, but better)
  • Adds a link to speedsim
  • Remove ad banner on the right
  • Adds the time remaining before each storage will be full
  • Adds the total storage below resources on a planet in terms of production time
  • Adds the points harvested each day above resources & the number of GT required to export 1 day of production
  • Converts resources to time below the price of an unit
  • Circles the limiting reagent in terms of time of production while viewing an unit price
  • Adds the remaining time before being able to construct an unit when viewing it
  • Adds maximum buildable units for an unit when viewing it
  • Adds rentability time when viewing details of a mine and plasma technology


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