Bubba_Next / Halo: Reach Trainer +13


Version: 0.1+af1e672

Summary: Halo: Reach Trainer for PC. Full code coming soon.

Copyright: 2019, Bubba_Next (https://openuserjs.org/users/Bubba_Next)

License: MIT

This is a Halo: Reach Trainer with +13 Options. It currently supports the Steam game version, Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The cheat is now available for PC with the full code coming soon!

Download: https://noblecheattrainers.com/halo-reach/

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Shields
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Unlimited Grenades
No Alien Weapon Overheat
Unlimited Alien Weapon Ammo
Weapon Accuracy
Game Speed

Rating: 0