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Version: 0.3.15+cb718c8 updated

Summary: WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet preview generator for MangaDex comments/posts/profile. Shows a formatted preview next to the edit box.

License: MIT

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As one of the more complex bbcode users, I am rather confident this supports everything you normal people want.
This can also be run in the browser console if you do not have a userscript manager.


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  • URL link generation is still WIP. It should work fine for valid urls.
    But may treat more URLs as valid than MD does.
  • Image URLs also may receive incorrect validity values
  • I am now validating my results by comparing them to what MD generated.
    So far it seems good, though any post with an img incorrectly fails validation in userscript mode (because we use a blob src instead of the actual url)


  • Just finished mashing them in. Let me know what you think

Not planned:

  • @mention link generation. We do not know the user's id so we cannot generate a link, cannot be sure the user exists, so a dummy link could be misleading. And running a MD search for the user would be a waste of resources because lets face it, you do not want to visit their profile page anyways.

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