Brandon_R_Beck / BookWalker Cover Page Extractor


Version: 0.1.44+2baca39 updated

Summary: Aids in uploading covers to MD

License: MIT

Bookwalker Cover Extractor

Written for use with MangaDex

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Userscript to create an easy way to upload covers to MangaDex. Follows instructions given on This MangaDex Thread


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  • Runs on MangaDex's covers tab.

  • Follow BW link if it exists.

  • Auto-search BW using the longest Japanese title for the series if no link is found or link is invalid. Remember to verify the correct link is found!

  • Auto fill volume number

  • Direct Upload. No need to save! Remember to verify image quality before uploading!

  • 2 clicks upload. Just select the cover, verify quality, verify volume number, and push save.

Title Color Codes





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Current Bugs & Limitations

  • ⚠️ The resulting image is NOT necessarily bookwalker's highest quality cover scan ⚠️ It normally is, at least for more recently uploaded works. I believe the scan is the original version for that seriese. If a higher quality scan is added latter, we wouldn't know. Alternatively, this may be the result of a past change in how bookwalker works.

  • Need to add stable sort for chrome. Otherwise works/looks alright, but is placed at bottom of page, should integrate it into MD's cover display section. And create an overlay for use on bookwalker site.

  • Intended for wide displays. May induce horizontal scrolling on mobile. (May not work at all on mobile)

  • Automated cover match checks are WIP. Will work only in userscript version due to restrictive CORS settings. Currently disabled since primitive downsizing function is slow and Pica library isn't working.


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