BigTSDMB / SDMB Tweaker 2


Version: updated

Summary: New tweaks for the new(er) Discourse SDMB

License: MIT

Libraries Used

SDMB Tweaker 2

An all new forum means all new tweaks. This script adds some quality of life improvements to the Discourse powered version of the Straight Dope Message Board.

List of additions:

  1. Underlines links, improves color, and adds visited color.
  2. Make MathJax match other text a bit better (sans-serif matches)
  3. Fix dates on posts by adding years.
  4. Replaces useless image button with an underline button.
  5. Gets rid of button scroll bar.
  6. Prevents quotes from being deleted.
  7. Fixes Twitter posts to show username.
  8. Makes Mod Notes much more visible on Vincent theme.
  9. Adds a strikethrough button, replacing the rather unused "insert date" button.

Adds the following options

(these default to off, but can be turned on if you want)

  1. Disable the floating avatars. (May fix scrolling issues.)
  2. Make unvisited posts bolder for darker monitors.

all options are listed under the site Preferences > Interface

To Do List:

  • Add other buttons
  • Place other buttons in dropdown menu.
  • Add extra date options
  • Possibly make other things optional
  • Add other ideas you suggest.

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