BigTSDMB / SDMB Tweaker 2


Version: 2.1.3+cdfdfa9 updated

Summary: New tweaks for the new(er) Discourse SDMB

License: MIT

Libraries Used

SDMB Tweaker 2

An all new forum means all new tweaks. This script adds some quality of life improvements to the Discourse powered version of the Straight Dope Message Board.

List of additions:

  1. Underlines links in posts.
  2. Indicates visited links in posts.
  3. Underlines all other links on hover (except in menus).
  4. Removes the space before the badge that shows number of clicks on a link.
  5. Makes small sans-serif MathJax use the same sans-serif font as posts.
  6. Ads an option to remove the sliding avatars.

On the Straight Dope Light theme I also

  1. Change the link color to be brighter to better contrast with the regular text.
  2. Change the visited color above to the purple you may be used to.

I can add such features to other themes, but I'll need suggestions from those who use them. I'm open to making certain specific tweaks optional. And I'm open to suggestions on what else I can tweak---though note that many changes are more complicated on Discourse than they were on the simpler vBulletin, and so I may be more limited in what I can reasonably do.

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