BigTSDMB / Drumpfitizer Plus


Version: 0.0.11+3d1f3ca updated

License: MIT;

Drumpfitizer Plus

A better way to "Make Donald Drumpf Again!"

This addon implements additional aspects that are missing from the original Drumpfinator addon (or its Firefox port). Additional features include

  1. Changes page titles
  2. Changes hover text.
  3. Minimizes the flast of seeing Trump turn into Drumpf.
  4. Does not change text in text boxes (so you won't accidentally say "Drumpf" when you need to say "Trump.")
  5. Works faster (by using a TreeWalker).
  6. Improved the filtered words and added a few extras (like catching many Twitter tags.)
  7. Actively maintained.

Known Issues

  1. This does not work well with websites that constantly update the page, like Facebook. For Google search, you may want to turn off "Display results as you type."

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