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Version: updated

Summary: A solution for spellcheck in Ghost

Copyright: 2014+, Ryan Reaves

License: MIT;

**Dirty Ghost Spellchecker v0.1.3.1
Ghost v0.5.2 at the moment lacks any sort of spellcheck and surprisingly it is not a high priority for anyone at Ghost-Roadmap, it is stuck in their backlog, so this script was created to resolve that problem and in a fairly elegant, hackish sort of way. So if you are a blogger that does not want to have switch tabs, or apps to double check something as simple as their spelling then this will be a great addition.

There is certainly talk of the platform moving away from CodeMirror, one of the main reasons this had to be created. The developers of CodeMirror have zero interest in introducing Spellcheck at this point, and they tried to roll their own awhile back, but it was bug ridden so they removed it. I have my own opinions about the developers of CodeMirror and Ghost when it comes to this oversight, but it is what it is and with this script it is at least a little more bearable.

How to use it?
Next to the help icon a new Spellcheck link appears and you can click it to initiate a textarea box that lets you correct all spelling mistakes. You will then need to highlight the corrected texts and copy it, because it appears like the code that would normally allow me to insert the corrected text back into Ghost has been stripped out of the CodeMirror base they are using.

Shortcuts available?
YES!! Press Alt+F to open the spellcheck window. Press Alt+W to close the window. Of course Select All, Ctrl+A and Copy still works as you would expect.
The Best Solution?

Forking Ghost at some point and re-introduce default features of CodeMirror and make the editor's setValue available to client browser scope. I suspect that it probably was back in 0.4.1, but something has happened since then, possibly related to the use of Ember is what I suspect. The other option is to change the editor away from CodeMirror entirely, which is on their list, possibly for v0.7.

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