Artex / FA Gallery Scraper


Version: 1.3.9+46b866a updated

Summary: Retrieves the sources to the submissions in a gallery


License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0


Assists in the downloading of galleries including Scraps, favorites, and Gallery. Get submission sources for an entire gallery or a set range of pages through the downloader interface.

How to use

  1. Navigate to the gallery you want to download
  2. Click 'Download Gallery' found on the top right of the gallery
  3. Enter the range of pages to download or check the 'All Pages' check box.
  4. Click Download Gallery
  5. When the download has finished copy the links outputted.

Until I can write this as a browser extension you'll want to use a download manager that can accept a list of links. I can recommend 2 extensions that will work.

For Chrome:
For Firefox:

Chrome instructions:

  1. Copy the links
  2. go to the download manger page
  3. click the +, the links in your clipboard should automatically appear in the URL field.
  4. click 'Start!', it's pretty simple

Firefox instructions:

  1. Copy the links
  2. paste the links into a text file and save it.
  3. open the DownThemAll manager
  4. right click inside the manger > adavanced > import from file (be sure your looking for text files and not XML)
  5. Click Start!.

Change log

1.3.2 [8/19/2016]

  • started keeping a change log
  • fixed an issue with UTF-8 encoding in file names when generating metadata.

1.3.3 [8/23/2016]

  • added title field back to metadata. At some point it was accidentally removed.

1.3.4 [9/11/2016]

  • Actually works on the classic theme now - metadata scraping isn't supported yet.
  • support for text submissions
  • download button styled to match page.

1.3.5 [11/21/16]

  • fixed everything that broke due to recent layout changes.

1.3.7 [11/28/16]

  • fixed more things that broke due to layout changes.
  • added a check for descriptions when scraping metadata. Turns out it's possible for that element to not exist if no description is set.

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