Anon_Loves_Helping / Facebook Messenger Convo Pinner


Version: 1.0+71dda27 updated

Summary: Pin your messages to the top of the list to never search for it again if you ever need it!

Copyright: Copyright (C) 2019, by Tropical_Sea

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;


Since it is more time saving to just pin the conversation instead of searching for it, Here ya go!

What It Does?

Just pins down the selected conversation to the top of the chat in two easy steps
1. Click the three dots menu.
Figure 1

2. Then click "Pin This Convo" option.
Figrue 2

All Done! you got a pinned convo up the top.
Figure 3


You can also Unpin the convo the same way, Or Pressing the pin icon above the three dots menu
Works ONLY on and

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