Anakunda / Collage Extensions for Gazelle Music Trackers


Version: 1.24.3+fa35c5b updated

Summary: Direct browsing from torrent pages; quick groups removal, custom quick Add To Collage form

Copyright: 2020, Anakunda (

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

Libraries Used

Added features:

On torrent grroup page:

  • browse through collage from torrent group pages (simple click on collage size)
  • quick remove from collage (Alt+click on collage name)
  • custom quick add to collage sidebar form on trackers not having this by default

On artist page:

  • custom quick add to collage sidebar form

On collage page:

  • quick remove torrent/artist group from collage (Alt+click on group thumbnail or name)


  • built-in torrent group inpage collage search workaround (proper handling of URI noncompliant literals in expression)

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