AmeLooksSus / Torn Chats Enhanced


Version: 1.0+804cea7 updated

Summary: Enjoy colorful user names for better chat readability.

License: MIT

Torn Chats Enhanced

Torn Chats Enhanced is a user script designed to elevate your Torn chat experience by introducing vibrant and colorful usernames. Say goodbye to monotonous conversations and embrace a new level of chat readability.


  • Colorful Usernames: This script adds a spectrum of colors to chatroom usernames, making it easier to identify and engage with people from Torn.

  • Readability: Colored usernames not only enhance aesthetics but also improve chat readability, making it effortless to distinguish between different people in the conversation.

  • Dynamic Colors: The colors will change according to your Color Theme on Torn.

Known Issues:

  • Not working with Tampermonkey, works for me in Violetmonkey tho.
  • Issues with colors, I will work on it later.

Rating: 0