Alorel / Avabur Improved


Version: 0.6.7+7617e05 updated

Summary: Some welcome additions to Avabur's UI choices



License: MIT;

License: LGPL-2.1


This is a currently in-development UserScript to be used with Tampermonkey on Chrome (Firefox's Greasemonkey is not supported; use the latest version of Chrome) for Relics of Avabur. It does not automate gameplay, but it does make things easier for you! Raise an issue on Github or whisper Alorel in-game if you need support or have suggestions.

Current features:

  • UI General
    • Hovering a resource will now show its lowest, average and highest market prices like so (values are cached
      for a set amount of time) [Screenshot]
    • Clicking a sellable resource (crystals, plat, wood etc) will take you to that resource's market page
    • Fixed some of the CSS the devs left out ;) Hovering materials and fragments on the top bar will now display
      them in colour, just like all the other resources.
    • Shortcuts to game activities: [Screenshot]
  • Notifications (can be configured in the script settings, off by default)
    • Sound and/or browser notifications on whispers
    • Sound and/or browser notification when house construction finishes
  • Inventory
    • Ingredients are getting some love! Hover them to see their current market price, click them to go to the
      ingredients market tab. Unfortunately, the ingredient does not get auto-filtered. [Screenshot]
  • House
    • Permanent construction timer without having to build an alarm clock
      [Screenshot]! This
      feature is enabled by default and can be toggled off. After starting a new building task click "refresh" on the timer.

Planned features:

  • Improvements on the inventory/market UI, making it much easier to sell ingredients/gear/gems
  • Market alerts - be notified when an item is above/below a threshold (most likely scrapped due to server requests)
  • Market watcher - historic graphs for price changes (stored locally on your machine)
  • Squeezing out more information in general - once more data is available we might be able to predict your win rate on new mobs etc
  • Market ads - want to advertise an item that just won't sell? Make an entire list and send each message with a single
    click to the selected channel so you don't have to type them in every time. There will be a 30 minute timer per message
    and you will be reminded when you can advertise again - let technology take care of anti-spamming for you!
  • Fewer clicks for crafting/carving
  • Item multisend
  • Ingredient price lookup (partially implemented - demo in the inventory)

Planned features if the game devs approve:

  • Quest retaking. Instead of having to open the quest window, turn the quest in and take a new one, have one button that will fire all the requests in one click


  • GM_getValue, GM_setValue, GM_deleteValue, GM_listValues: these are simply used as an alternative to
    the browser's local storage. Userscript settings and runtime data are stored here.
  • GM_getResourceURL, GM_getResourceText: some assets, such as 3rd party libraries, CSS files and images are
    static and will hardly ever change, so it makes sense for them to just be downloaded once and read from disk.
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest and the respective @connects: Used to check for updates. In the future it will also be used to
    view the changelog.
  • GM_notification: The name is self-explanatory now, isn't it? This is Greasemonkey's API for HTML5 notifications.

When's the next batch of updates?

I'm busy with exams until late May - should be able to deliver a regular batch of updates after that

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