AddonDeveloper / YouTube mp3 320 kbps


Version: 1.2+21451b7 updated

Summary: The 320 kbps YouTube mp3 addon generates a MP3 button on Convert YouTube to mp3 and download the file to your device.


Copyright: 2019, Addon Developer

License: MIT

How to convert YouTube to mp3 with userscript?

  1. Install a user script manager like Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey to your Webbrowser.
  2. Install the "YouTube mp3 320 kbps" userscript. (Link)
  3. After activation the script you can visit YouTube.
  4. On any "watch" page on Youtube you see the red Download button.
  5. Click the red Button to start the convertion and you will get your mp3 file.

Alternate you can convert from YouTube directly if you type "320" in the link before


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