Aaesos / Facebook Animated Pokemon Reactions


Version: 1.0+83e3699 updated

Summary: Replaces the standard reactions on Facebook with Pokemon themed ones. Some are even animated!


Copyright: 2016, Robot Apogee (http://robot-apogee.tk/)

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

This script replaces the standard reaction emoticons on Facebook with Pokemon themed ones.

This script was based on the Userstyles script of the same name. Originally created by Scheliux, animated by Bangas Droid, and updated and cleaned up by myself.


  • Fix the alignment of animations.
  • Replace the opaque background with a transparent one. (Why did they make it opaque in the first place?!)
  • Make a cleaner way to inject the CSS code, that doesn't rely on !important, because that is a terrible habit.

Change Log


  • Initial release. No bugs so far. ^_^

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