Aad / TF2 Community Links for Steam


Version: 0.1.7+86ca769

Summary: Displays TF2 community related links on Steam



License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

TF2 Community Links for Steam

A user script that adds various links to TF2 competitive leagues and TF2/Steam community sites to a Steam Community Profile page for quick and easy access.

  • User script only functions on steam profile pages
  • Removes padding from below user status and badges for a more compact viewing experience with added links.
    • Note: does not remove padding from below profile links, groups, and friends for better user visibility.
  • Ability to disable specific site links by clicking on your respective script manager icon and then clicking on TF2CLS Options.
    • By default all sites are enabled.
    • Saving options will automatically refresh the page to display newly selected options.

You can view more information and changelog here


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TF2CLS Full Profile

Script Manager Menu

TF2CLS Script Manager Menu

Options Menu

TF2CLS Options Menu

Padding Examples

Steam Default Padding

Steam Default Padding

TF2CLS Padding

TF2CLS Padding

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