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Version: updated

Summary: Adds a number of enhancements to your experience on AIM games.



License: MIT

Swearify :: "Way Too Much Shit" Update

Install using

Greasemonkey for Firefox Greasemonkey on Firefox Addons
Tampermonkey for Chrome Tampermonkey on Chrome Addons

After installing the script, you will need to refresh any AIM windows.


  • Bypass AIM's swearing filter
  • Green-text sentences and messages with >
  • Special text formatting for memes [goto-list]
  • Custom emoticons! Check them out in the "Swearify" section of the Smilie window
  • Fixes and improves upon existing CSS

Recent Updates:

BUG FIX - Update that fixed a bug or makes the script work better
ADDED - Update that adds a custom smilie or new word that needs to be filtered
FALLBACK - Update that temporarily removes a feature due to major issues

date type description
8.6.15 BUG FIX Fixed the CSS on the post preview page so the editor is visible
8.1.15 BUG FIX Fixed issue with filtering related with /away and /exit commands
7.21.15 ADDED Smilies are now loaded into the Emoticon window
7.20.15 BUG FIX Coded in workaround for /exit message filtering. Previously the system would render it unreadable
7.15.15 BUG FIX Virtually any combination of caps and repeated characters on swears will be caught and filtered (e.g. FUUUuuCCKKKK)
7.15.15 ADDED New CSS rule to pretty much eliminate "breaking the chat"
7.6.15 BUG FIX Capitalization no longer confuses the filter (finally...)
7.6.15 ADDED Now works in the post box
6.26.15 FALLBACK Automatic image spoilering has been removed due to issues
4.11.15 ADDED Special Text Formatting
2.21.15 FALLBACK Anagram feature has been removed due to issues
2.21.15 ADDED Custom Smilies
2.21.15 BUG FIX Functions are now executed upon pressing [Enter]

Working on:

  • More fixes related to swear word detection
  • More CSS revisions


  • Post box filter does not recognize swears with repeated characters (e.g. FUUUUCCCCKK)
  • When using the post box, the text formatting may appear to be off, but when you post or preview it, it will be correct. This is not so much a bug, but just a result of how the script edits the text (and how AIM works).
  • Pressing [Send] button in chat will not filter or edit text in any way

List of memes:

  • sombre
  • the doors
  • cantstopthehawk
  • donger
  • gottagofast
  • minty
  • that escalate
  • :lenny:

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