8uny87n76gyji / Download multiple purchased ManyVids videos at once


Version: +368d2ac

Summary: Adds a download all vids button on your Purchase History page

License: MIT

Please read, it contains only useful info.
The script doesn't work on Firefox because of this https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=874009
But it works on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

You've bought multiple videos but don't want to manually download each of them, then this script might help.
It adds a Download the (x number) videos on this page button to your ManyVids Purchase History page https://www.manyvids.com/View-my-history/1/
When clicked, it starts downloading each video on the page as if you were doing it manually.

Reminder, only the number of videos on the page will be downloaded!
Navigate to the next page to download the rest.
This is an experimental script, verify that x number of unique videos are downloaded in the end.
Be patient, it may take several seconds for a video to start downloading.
For the best experience, in your browser settings:
Choose a download folder.
Disable "Ask where to save each file before downloading".
Don't forget to restore those settings when you are done.
When downloading your browser may ask you to allow multiple downloads.

ManyVids website tip:
You can filter the videos shown on your ManyVids Purchase History page https://www.manyvids.com/View-my-history/1/ by MV Star or purchase type. Look at the top right, there are "All MV Stars" and "All Purchases" dropdown filters.

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