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Summary: Most Common User Agents


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// random user agent
userAgent = userAgents[Math.floor(Math.random()*userAgents.length)]

Most Common User Agents

Posted on Mon, 01 May 2023 07:06:17 +0000

Updated April 9th 2023 – A dynamic, downloadable list of the most common user agents. Have you ever wondered what Most Common User Agents are?

This is a list of the most common user agents, dynamically generated to remain accurate and up to date.

Often times people will post a list on their site, which soon becomes outdated. So, I decided I would create a user agent list that is dynamically generated and updated - it uses data from my own website to keep the list of user-agent data up to date – which means the list stays up to date as new browsers are released and new user agents emerge.

It is, in effect, a highly accurate representation of common useragents.

Below you will find a table showing the most popular / most-used UserAgents and percentage of visitors who had that user-agent when they visited the site.

And, as of May 2012 this page should now be even more dynamic with a new method for calculating a rolling average of visitors.


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